I’m Ondine, a life-long learner with a great passion for health (and disease prevention), be it through technology or holistic, natural remedies.  I have a curious and inquisitive personality,  seeking intellectual stimulation on the world’s biggest opportunity: healthy living. 

I started my professional life pursuing a business career, but very soon switched to what suits me like a glove: the Regulatory affairs profession in the medtech space. 

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been partnering with executives of the largest players in medical technology and innovation, advocating for patient safety, market access and pragmatic regulatory practices.

Outside of the medtech space, I am a dedicated student of health through the holistic approach of naturopathy. I am a firm believer in our body’s ability to stay healthy or restore health when supported by the right natural remedies and techniques, as an initial approach, prior to accessing conventional medicine. 

Get in touch via Linkedin or email if we share a common interest in Health tech, life sciences innovation, executive leadership or natural health.